Keenan Albee

AeroAstro Ph.D. candidate (robotics/controls/space systems) at the MIT Space Systems Lab (SSL).

I like working on interesting problems at the intersection of hardware and algorithms, particularly in the space domain. My work focuses on robotic motion planning and optimal control for complex dynamical systems applied to space robotics.

albee [at] mit [dot] edu



Journal Articles

Zhang, Haohan; Albee, Keenan; Agrawal, Sunil K

A Spring-Loaded Compliant Neck Brace with Adjustable Supports Journal Article

Mechanism and Machine Theory, 2018, ISSN: 0094114X.

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Albee, Keenan; Hernandez, Alejandro Cabrales; Jia-richards, Oliver; Teran, Antonio

Real-time Motion Planning in Unknown Environments for Legged Robotic Planetary Exploration (In Press) Conference Forthcoming

IEEE Aerospace Conference, Big Sky, Forthcoming, ISBN: 9781728127347.

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Albee, Keenan; Ekal, Monica; Ventura, Rodrigo; Linares, Richard

Combining Parameter Identification and Trajectory Optimization: Real-time Planning for Information Gain Conference

ESA ASTRA, 2019.

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Albee, Keenan; Werner, Nathan; Teran, Antonio; Chen, Howei; Andreyeva, Kristina; Sarvary, Tamas

Motion Planning for Climbing Mobility with Implementation on a Wall-Climbing Robot Conference

IEEE Aerospace Conference, 2019, ISBN: 9781538668542.

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Sanchez, William D; Albee, Keenan; Davidson, Rosemary; Bart, Ryan De Freitas; Hernandez, Alejandro Cabrales; Hoffman, Jeffrey

A Preliminary Architecture Optimization for In-Space Assembled Telescopes Conference

International Astronautical Congress (IAC), Washington, D.C., 2019.

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Teran, Antonio; Hettrick, Hailee; Albee, Keenan; Hernandez, Alejandro Cabrales; Linares, Richard

End-to-End Framework for Close Proximity In-Space Robotic Missions Conference

International Astronautical Congress (IAC), Washington, D.C., 2019, ISSN: 00741795.

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Hall, Hunter; Donitz, Benjamin; Kim, Leon; Srivastava, DIvya; Albee, Keenan; Eisner, Seth; Pierce, Dakota; Villapudua, Yvonne; Stoica, Adrian

Project Zephyrus: Developing a Rapidly Reusable High-Altitude Flight Test Platform Conference

IEEE Aerospace Conference, 2018, ISSN: 1095323X.

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Masters Theses

Albee, Keenan

Toward Optimal Motion Planning for Dynamic Robots: Applications On-Orbit Masters Thesis


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Albee, Keenan; Coltin, Brian

Kinodynamic-RRT for Robotic Free-Flyers: Generating Feasible Trajectories for On-Orbit Mobile Manipulation Workshop Forthcoming

ICRA Workshop: Toward Online Optimal Control of Dynamic Robots, Forthcoming.

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